What should my dog’s poop look like?

I thought about making this a picture blog post… just kidding.  The real answer is small, firm and dense.  You could pick it up with a leaf, it shouldn’t stink, and as it comes out it should fully express your dog’s anal glands.  This should hold true for all poops that your dog takes… The proof is in the pudding…When it’s true then you know that you’re providing your dog with a truly healthy diet.  When it’s not true your dog is probably more lethargic than it should be… probably because it’s filling up with toxins and other synthetics that her body isn’t fit to digest.  This might lead to the ever popular ‘my dog has food allergies’, thin dull hair/coats, dull eyes, lethargy or low energy.

How come my dog’s poop doesn’t look like the way you describe it should be?  

The pet industry is highly lucrative and pet food is a rather new phenomenon.  Dogs have been eating all natural, fresh and unprocessed food for thousands of years… Suddenly in the past century humans developed ways to mass produce dog food because there was billions to be made.  Unfortunately, profit is the key driver in nearly every decision that gets made in the pet industry, so it’s no surprise that bagged kibble comes loaded with synthetic additives, and low grade ‘filler’ that meets nutritional standards.

Luckily, there are three ways to get your dog’s diet (lifestyle) back on track from a nutritional standpoint:

a) Raw diet.
b) Cook a balanced diet for your dog.
c) Carna4  – Slow baked at extremely low temperatures, all natural, unprocessed, nutritionally potent dry dog food.

Options A, B and C are much pricier than grocery store food, varying only based on the cost of the materials… but they often come with radiant health and lower vet costs.

Maydel is now on it and I notice an outstanding difference… and so does she!  I feel great about giving her all the benefits of a raw diet but without the mess.

We’re now carrying Carna4 at Woof & Shloof.  Pre-order it online and pick it up at our store for a 13% discount.

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